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Warning! A few classic design rules will be broken…

What would you do if your spouse wanted to buy a bungalow from the 60s as a fixer-upper project? Who does that right? Well, that’s what Jason proposed to his partner Alykhan who took it as a challenge being a renowned architect and designer. With no time to waste, they bought a 60s bungalow to renovate in Calgary, Alberta that same weekend!

One might wonder: Who does such a thing?

Alykhan Velji aka “Aly” is a well-known Canadian interior designer, while Jason Krell works as a lifestyle and corporate public relation strategy consultant. Together they travel the globe like true explorers, earning them tremendous media exposure for their “dream-like” lifestyle, making themselves known as “The Style Guys”.

Curious to know more?  You’ll easily find more of their content on Google but here are a few highlights on why we love them so much:

The Style Guys recently outlined the defining guidelines of their dream home on the House Rules:

  • A holistic, very natural blend-in decor.
  • A warm house with an emphasis on curvature.
  • A design that pops and integrates some unexpected accents.

style guys alykhan velji jason krell newtechwood canada

1) How are our products helping them break design rules?

Well, perhaps it’s more accurate to say “bending the rules” rather than “breaking”…

As you already know, Aly is a successful designer who loves using unique products to make his designs stand out and go against what everyone else is doing. Since the modern farmhouse trend is quite popular with the use of board and batten siding details, black windows, etc., it was an opportunity for Alykhan to reinvent the status quo. Our products helped him achieve a unique look for the exterior of the house. The end result is very sophisticated but still warm and inviting.


2) How did they create a design that pops and integrates unexpected accents?

For our exterior, we wanted to use something that would make a big statement, so we used the UltraShield siding. It’s exciting and it’s got curb appeal which is something a little bit unexpected.

fluted siding newtechwood brazilian ipe

In terms of composite wood, the star product of House Rules was the UH61 Norwegian Profile.

The fluted composite wood panelling was applied on the front facade of the house. The original brick was kept and painted white, so the dark Brazilian Ipe wood-like slat panels provide a great sculpting effect. The fluted siding was also added to the back of the new garage area, in the same Ipe colour. This helped create great contrast and depth for the exterior.

In the final episode of House Rules, Alykhan is proud to say that his custom-framed windows are the “best of the neighbourhood”. Indeed, Aly, they are. For Aly, they literally “make the house”. We tend to agree. The circle windows are unique with sophisticated accents – very much to our taste. We’re proud, too, that our easy-to-cut  NewTechWood Norwegian profile, was chosen as a key design feature.

Alykhan Vejli chose the dark, exotic nuance of Brazilian Ipe. Araz Piroozfard, from Mod Life Toronto, and also used our Ipe Brazilian fluted siding in the Beechwood Project near Lake Ontario.

3) How did our fluted siding help achieve the desired look and feel?

newtechwood siding ipe

Aly loves the warmth that this material (composite wood) provides for the exterior. The wooden slat look is very popular in interior design, so using it on the exterior of the house made for a unique and innovative look. Since The Style Guys opted to keep the original brick on the exterior of the house but painted it white, Alykhan feels this mix of traditional and modern design works perfectly with our fluted siding.

The co-star products were the UltraShield Naturale UH02 Deck Boards and finishers

“In the backyard, we also used the same (Ipe) UltraShield composite decking because we wanted something that was low-maintenance and looked really good”, Aly explainsThat is correct, and we get the low-maintenance request a lot. For example, Jamie Damak in Sherbrooke, Canada also chose our products for their look and composite wood to avoid deck maintenance.

“The backyard deck was easy to install, Jason says. In fact, we could have assembled the terrace ourselves.” If you watch The Style Guys’ dream home “making of” footage, you’ll also notice that Aly and Jason have pets. One advantage of building a composite wood deck is that it isn’t too hot for a dog’s or a cat’s paws. Our decking products will also resist a pup’s occasional “accident” or splashes of “water”.

newtechwood decking

Despite how famous they are in the industry, one thing that we absolutely fell in love with is how relatable Aly and Jason are. Their renovation journey, with its ups and downs, is simply authentic, and their desire to make a house a home that balances different tastes and needs is exquisite.

So, we wanted to ask The Style Guys…

Why did you choose NewTechWood?

We love your products because we get the look we want, the durability, and the ease of installation. The entire experience, from our first visit to the website to purchasing and support, has been excellent.

Thank you, Alykhan. Thank you, Jason.

We are honoured to have been a part of making your dream home come true. The result is exactly the way it was intended: eclectic, yet well-pulled together. Congrats!

Stay tuned for more from The Style Guys and their upcoming projects by visiting their website.