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People love Quickdeck tiles primarily because they allow for a DYI customization of modestly sized spaces. For example, balconies are a place where our products are often used. In the short case study that follows, our interlocking wood composite decking tiles were used to floor the exterior entrance of a family home. 


Re-tile a damaged concrete entrance with steps totalling approximately 7 × 12 ft.  


The existing concrete slab provided a smooth base perfect for tiling with our products and benefiting from their water drainage system. 


Opting for NewTechWood composite wood tile pattern. Why? Because the look is attractive. Because the product, Quickdeck tiles, can be assembled by the owner. A do-it-yourself project helps save from hiring specialized maintenance.  


The customer was satisfied with the ease of assembly. Above all, she mentioned that she was happy with her choice, as it allowed her to enjoy a beautiful and durable landscape at a reasonable cost.  

newtechwood canada interlocking composite wood deck tiles


Peruvian Teak – In the project pictured, the homeowner used 3 × 3 ft Quickdecks to cover a concrete slab with Peruvian Teak-coloured tiles. The teak colour was chosen to create a harmonious contrast and bring warmth to the cool grey home.  


Peruvian Teak 3 × 3 ft Quickdeck tiles  

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Available near you, Quickdeck’s interlocking tiles make creating unique designs a snap. Choose one, two or three different tile sizes to create your pattern. You can choose a monochromatic pattern or mix and match our colours: Westminster Grey, Hawaiian Charcoal, Roman Antique, Peruvian Teak or Brazilian Ipe.