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There are many aspects that will bring the style of your deck together, but those aspects are often easier to change than the deck itself. Therefore, when choosing a color for your deck, it’s important to pick something you will enjoy for many years. While a wood deck may be painted over but that likely won’t look as nice as the original color. Superior Deck & Fence, a deck builder in Cherry Hill, NJ, says, “A wood deck can be painted much more easily than a composite deck. It’s not impossible to paint one, but there will be more work involved. The new coat might not look as clean as the original either.”

Composite decking is made to last; you’re not supposed to need to repaint it. NewTechWood color options help you find just the right color to suit the aesthetic you are looking for.


What Is the Most Popular Deck Color?

When it comes to composite decking, it’s thought that the most popular colors tend to match natural wood as closely as possible. Three of our six most popular colors fit that description.


A very popular color in Canada, the Brazilian Ipe is a brown tone that leans to the dark side, giving your installation a strong look that resembles the highly prized Ipe wood without any of the maintenance issues of using real wood. Ipe is valued for its strength and longevity, and our composite version lasts even longer. If you’re looking to add the South American wood species habilidade to your deck, with a touch of Brazillian flair.

Peruvian Teak is one of our most popular colors. It has a medium brown tone that’s meant to resemble South American Teak wood, valued for its durability and elegance. This color will help create a classic look. If you want that South American style but with a lighter color, this will fit your needs.

A very light brown-gray mix, the Roman Antique color is meant to harken to the granite-built palatial colosseums and temples of ancient Rome. If you’re a fan of marble, pillars, and gold highlights, this can give you the imperial look you want. Pair it with Greek and Roman lighting fixtures to give you that feeling of being on Mount Olympus. Keep the wine flowing on your ancient empire–themed outdoor entertaining space.

Inspired by the volcanic rocks of Hawaii, this color is a dark gray, nearly black, tone. Modern, strong, and fierce, Hawaiian Charcoal is a great way to make a statement. Since this is one of our more modern styles, it’s best paired with modern highlights. Chrome looks great with the dark tone of this obsidian-inspired color.

A light-medium brown, this a great color to emulate the look of cedar with a greater length of use and much less maintenance. Like Spanish Walnut, natural Australian Red Cedar is highly sought after. It was nearly brought to extinction when Australia was first settled. This is another great option if you’re looking for a wealthy look without breaking the bank.

This is our most light gray tone which makes it better for heat. It is a neutral grey that fits most of the environments.


What Are Some Fun Deck Colors?

These colors are a bit more unique without going too far. If you’re looking to add a bit of personality to your deck, these are great options.

This is our most popular gray tone. It is a medium gray that fits almost any environment and shows off a contemporary style. This option is best if you want a modern look that isn’t as vibrant as our Hawaiian Charcoal option. Instead of pitch-black volcanic obsidian, this color emulates rocks and stones you could find in your backyard.

Our darkest brown tone, Spanish Walnut color provides a rich natural wood look. Much less common than other walnut variations, Spanish walnut is also higher-valued. If you want an expensive look without paying expensive prices, this will fit the style you are looking for. No one might know it’s composite but you.

A medium brown tone with strong yellow touches, this color provides a rustic, sturdy, and reliable look for your outdoor spaces. If you’re looking for simple, country living, this is a great choice for you. As the name implies, English Oak originated in England. However, it was brought to the United States and continues to thrive to this day. If you live in the eastern or midwestern United States, you will have likely come across an Oak tree.

A medium-dark brown with reddish inflections, mahogany is an elegant choice for your installation. If you want a South American style that’s classy, this will give you a high-class look. However, Honduran mahogany is mid-range mahogany when compared to other types. Cuban mahogany is much more expensive because it is harder to get. Our Honduran-inspired color will give you a classy look.

This dark brown tone is based on a notable Southeast Asian hardwood that makes a bold statement. If you want a dark color that fits an Asian theme, this is a great option for you.

A medium brown tone with a beautiful tinge of red, this color brings elegance into your spaces. Real California redwood is popular in the western United States because of how readily available, sturdy, and long-lasting it is. If you already have a redwood deck but are tired of having to maintain it, this color is a great replacement. You can keep the natural look without the work.

This very light white-gray was inspired by the volcanic ash and snow of the Arctic Circle and brings a light and cool aura to your deck tile space. If you want a light, modern look, this will give you what you’re looking for. For contrast, instead of pairing light items with your dark deck, pair dark items with your light deck, or with a dark home exterior.


The following colors are believed to have a direct effect on the mind. Depending on what you use your deck for, these colors can boost mood and productivity.

This exciting and fresh light-to-medium green tone creates a splendid spring sensation. If you want your deck to be a garden of life, this will set a solid foundation. Psychologically, green is a color that boosts creativity and creates a sense of calm. If you’re going to use your deck to create art, green is a good color. You may also add a pop of yellow to boost your confidence, whether that be with your furniture, lighting, or plants.

Fun, exciting, and bright, this medium blue tone provides a fresh feel of lovely tropical waves splashing in the sea. This is a fun color for a deck with water views, whether that is the ocean of a lake. Blue is also great for focusing. If you want to spend a lot of time reading or solving puzzles, blue could help keep your mind from wandering.

This bright medium red tone livens your installation and creates a sense of excitement. The color red can boost your adrenaline and help with physical activities. If you plan on doing a lot of work out on your deck, red will keep you moving. Pair it with blue to keep you focused, or to celebrate American patriotism.

Bold, bright, colorful, and fun, this color makes a big, juicy impact. It takes the adrenaline boost of red and mixes it with the confidence boost of yellow. If orange is your favorite color, you’ll feel the benefits. Black, white, and brown look great with orange. The neutral colors help to balance out the harshness of orange. With so many options, it can be hard to make a decision. You have to go with whatever fits your style. Consider everything that will be on your deck and build around that.

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