With growing emphasis on improving the environment, more homeowners and contractors are turning to natural-looking wood composite to re-purpose recycled plastics and wood that may well end up in a landfill.

Quality wood composite is made from a combination of high-density, recycled plastics, and wood fibers, formed into a variety of colors, natural-looking wood hues, shapes, and products that are low-maintenance and provide durability that lasts for a whole lot of family cookouts.

Choosing the right wood composite for your build is Step 1 in getting started on your new or upgraded addition to your home or commercial space.

So what are your choices, and which composite wood product is right for your construction needs? There are lots of options to appeal to your individual taste, and your specific needs.

Hollow Core Composite

Hollow core wood composite is lighter in weight, for builds where load-bearing isn’t a concern, like apartment balconies or fencing. Hollow core composite is:

  • lighter in weight
  • appropriate for any and all weather conditions
  • easy to install
  • built to last
  • lower in cost than solid core composite wood
  • attractive with good looks in a variety of colors and wood tones
  • feels and looks like real wood – even up close
  • adaptable for a variety of construction needs

With simple-to-install end caps, your deck, patio, walkway, fence or other exterior build will look good today, and for many years to come, with minimum maintenance, and do-it-yourself ease of construction.

Solid Core Composite

Designed for heavy duty use, solid core wood composite is ideal for stair treads, and commercial upgrades, from store and restaurant patios to exterior community spaces that experience foot traffic and a variety of weather conditions.

Solid composite, natural-looking wood is durable, eye-catching attractive, and you have a long list of options from which to choose.

Once again, solid core wood composite is simple to install. NewTechWood employs a proprietary clip technology that allows individual planks to stretch and compact without warping or splitting, creating an easy-to-install build that anyone can do. In fact, all you need is a screwdriver and an afternoon to install an average-sized deck using a lock-tight system that provides your decking with room to “breathe.”

Composite Floor Tiles

Composite planks are ideal for large builds that cover a lot of ground – builds like outside decks and patios.

When you’re designing for a smaller space – say an apartment balcony or home entryway – consider composite wood tiles. Why?

In smaller spaces, wood tiles create a stronger “pattern” than simple planks. Now, if simplicity of design is the look you want, go with the planks – even in small spaces.

However, if you want to make a different design statement, consider using composite wood tiles to create patterns that are pleasing to the eye, easy-to-install using NewTechWood’s sturdy grid system, and you choose the finish that works best for your build – from simple and clean lines to beautifully designed tile layouts that make a statement while standing up to heavy traffic.

Composite Fencing

From decorative to hard-working. Composite fencing delivers solutions to managing the “herd” – whether it’s the gang of family and neighbors, or your equine friends who enjoy turnout in a clean, attractive paddock with fencing that washes up with water and a brush, saving you time and keeping the backyard or farm looking its best.

Or, maybe you’d like a bit more privacy. Composite fencing offers up a range of color and design options to create the work space or privacy you need.

Much of composite wood fencing can be constructed with sturdy, matte-black posts that are style-neutral and built to last.

Composite Wood Accents

From attractive deck railings, benches, flower boxes, planters – there’s no limit to what you can do with composite wood accents that will last and last, while making a design statement every time you enjoy your space, whether it’s a quiet little get-away deck, or wood-toned accents to greet visitors to you elegant restaurant, composite wood finishes any build with that finished, professional look.

There’s a wood composite that’s right for your build – from home siding to commercial fencing, NewTechWood provides the right products for your next project.

Call today and let’s make that space right with the right composite wood products from NewTechWood.