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UltraShield Natural decking is popular primarily because it requires no special maintenance. A simple spray of water could be all that is needed to clean a NewTechWood composite deck. As a result, our products are well suited to elegant cottages and second homes. In the following case study, our perforated hollow boards were used to create a new outdoor living space.


To design a decking area that connects the cottage’s covered veranda and hot tub, both in the summer and the winter.


The location of the terrace offered ample space for a beautiful, spacious and user-friendly design. 


Cover a wooden structure with NewTechWood UltraShield Naturale composite decking. Why? Because composite wood boards are much easier to maintain and, in the case of a cottage, they perfectly meet the priority criteria: elegance, warm wood effect and minimum maintenance.  


The 12 x 25 ft. deck was completed by two construction experts in a day and a half. It includes three steps, also made of NewTechWood composite wood.  

The client was pleased with the design, especially with the fact that she would no longer have to bear the grass stuck into her feet when she entered and exited the hot tub. She opted for a lounge area to enjoy morning coffee outside and a kitchen area to reduce the number of trips to the indoor kitchen.


Roman Antique – The Roman Antique colour is a warm grey, i.e. it includes a tone from the yellow family. Since the cottage is white, quite small and surrounded by many trees, the owner wanted a clear, soft and harmonious colour to let the light into this naturally shaded setting.


The UltraShield Naturale boards, in Roman Antique colour with a brushed finish.  

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Available near you, our decking boards come in Roman Antique, Peruvian Teak, Brazilian Ipe, Australian Red Cedar and Hawaiian Charcoal. In this case, the homeowner chose a smooth “brushed” finish, but she could also have opted for a textured effect, which is closer to timber.