UH25 – Beams – Ebony

Ebony Composite Wood Beams
Our e-samples are dynamic, you can zoom to admire the details and texture or use the dynamic light interaction to see the color variation.

Medium beams

Like NewTechWood’s full range of composite wood products, our beams are great at creating a modern look but are adaptable to a variety of architectural styles. Composite wood is an elegant yet humble material that complements many building styles and can effectively be used to create plays of light and shadow.

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About this product

This sturdy, maintenance-free material, allows designers to add elegant architectural details by blending textures, nuances and accents. The best designers know that impeccable lines and indentations can turn even the most simple designs into eye-catching and impressive structures.

Please note that our beams are not structural, they are for decorative purposes only. They need to be attached every 4 feet.

Designed to be installed together

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