UH61 – Norwegian Siding – Red Cedar

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Steeve Hardy-Uh61 Red Cedar

Fluted siding, thin strips

NewTechWood's Original Wood looking fluted siding is the best natural wood looking product for the coastal environment, mid-century architecture, west coast contemporary aesthetic or any look that blends flawlessly into nature. The natural brushed wood finish brings unparalleled beauty to any project.

  • Finish : Brushed
  • Lengths : 12 feet and 16 feet
  • Dimension : 7.7 x 1.0 in
  • Installation : Horizontal, Vertical, Angle and Soffit
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About this product

A castellation profile is reminiscent of the top of a castle wall having a series of rectangular alternating parapets and indentations. Castellation has once again become a popular architectural trend in both commercial projects and stylish contemporary residential designs.

On a facade it achieves the look of parallel castellated timber battens with a narrow shadowline, or rebate, between each one.

It provides the natural appearance of timber without the maintenance. It is an attractive alternative for creating a stylish external facade, screening or as a ceiling treatment.

The CO-EXTRUDED CAP protecting all sides of a cladding board are an impenetrable layer that withstands stains, colour fading, scratches, cupping, swelling, mould and mildew.

The COMPOSITE CORE is a mix of high-quality recycled materials including dense hardwood and softwood fibres. It provides our products with impressive strength and durability. Panels and boards are all 100% recyclable as well.

Designed to be installed together

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