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Three ideas for an outdoor composite wood privacy wall

Want to integrate a wood-effect privacy wall to your deck, balcony, or garden? You can use our beams, boards, or fence panels. The natural brown and grey tones provide a beautiful contrast with the plants and flowers in your yard. Our luxury products will also add a touch of elegance to your landscape.

Read this article for ideas and tips on how to enhance your outdoor comfort.

Composite beams to create an exterior privacy wall

Unlike structural beams, decorative beams contribute to the look rather than the support of a frame. But they are still attached to all four legs for added strength. You can hide electrical wiring inside the hollow beams to create a discreet and sleek lighting design with no visible wires.

Composite wood privacy screen with decorative beams

Horizontal assembly of small beams (60 x 42 mm) of NTW composite wood, Peruvian teak colour, to create an exterior wall panel. Smooth wood effect, modern style, and natural look.

Can the beams be used to build a balcony screen?

Yes, composite beams and joists will work well to assemble a small outdoor screen with a wood effect. Adding a privacy wall to the balcony or terrace will provide a shaded area while preserving your peace and quiet despite the proximity of neighbours.

An aluminum or wood structure finished with one of our matching fascia solidify your screen and help create visual harmony.

To vary the style and degree of opacity of your balcony privacy screen, you can play with the dimensions and spacing of the panels. Our products come in three different sizes: small, medium, and large.

Technical sheets

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nfos techniques petites moyennes grandes poutres composite NTW
Beams are sold in sizes of 60 x 42 mm (2.4 x 1.7 in.), 100 x 52 mm (3.9 x 2.0 in.), and 120 x 62 mm (4.7 x 2.4 in.). We offer two very popular natural wood-look stains: Brazilian Ipe and Peruvian teak.

Use planks to design an exterior separation wall

To create a patio privacy wall or add a decorative panel to your garden, you can use composite wood decking. You can even use your regular woodworking tools. We recommend a new diamond-edged blade for optimal precision. Like many materials, composite boards benefit from being left in their installation environment for two days before assembly to prevent sudden expansion.

A DIY project? Or entrust it to a contractor?

Sarah, a lifestyle blogger, entrusted the creation of her patio privacy panel to a contractor who fell in love with our products.

Functional exterior decorative wall

By pairing the Peruvian teak stain with a grey stone slab, Sarah was able to add warmth to her beautiful modern layout. You’ll notice in the photo that the blogger chose the woodgrain finish side of our double-sided decking boards.

What colours to choose for your exterior privacy wall?

Deck boards converted to decorative wood panels come in six standard colours: Peruvian teak, Brazilian Ipe, Roman antique, stone grey, red cedar, and charcoal. Each piece is reversible. Select your preferred finish.

A modern or natural look?

Brazilian Ipe colour composite board with a natural wood grain effect on the left, and a modern brushed effect on the right.

Other ideas: A privacy wall for the spa and a partition for the heat pump

Turn your beautiful wood composite decor panel into a heat pump partition to camouflage the heater and muffle background noise. Or add a privacy wall near the spa to enjoy a relaxing soak away from prying eyes.

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Composite wood fences for added privacy

Soon to be available, wood composite fences will allow you to complete your landscape with new elegant, harmonious, and durable pieces. Fence panels can also be transformed into privacy walls. What’s more, they come with a considerable advantage: light control. Filter the sun’s rays completely, in part or not at all, depending on your installation and preferences.

Ideal for planning a second phase of beautification to your garden in the summer of 2022.

Upcoming product in 2022: fencing

We love wood because it blends into a natural environment and doesn’t clash with other decorative trends. We love composite wood because it is virtually maintenance-free and its UltraShield technology makes it resistant to temperature fluctuations in Quebec.

You have three different options for successful privacy walls: beams, deck boards and fence panels. You’ll never have to sand or re-stain your walls. In some cases, you can even choose between two finishes: smooth or wood grain.

There are so many possibilities, so let your creativity run wild!