Wall Siding

With a selection of four different wall siding types that varies from common natural design to the ultra-modern or chic look, available in seven colors, we have the siding for your construction project. We also have special order colors perfect for large residential and commercial projects.

Exterior & Interior Wall Siding

The ultra-classy look

UH61 – Norwegian Castellation Cladding

A castellation profile is reminiscent of the top of a castle wall having a series of rectangular alternating parapets and indentations. Castellation has once again become a popular architectural trend in both commercial projects and stylish contemporary residential designs.


On a facade it achieves the look of parallel castellated timber battens with a narrow shadowline, or rebate, between each one.

It provides the natural appearance of timber without the maintenance. It is an attractive alternative for creating a stylish external facade, screening or as a ceiling treatment.

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The modern look

NEW! UH58 – Belgian Castellation Cladding

Exterior siding is the first thing your guests see when they visit your house. It makes up the majority of your home’s exterior appearance. New siding will impress your neighbors and give you more pride over your living space. You will also need to maintain your exterior siding less often to achieve a modern, clean appearance.

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The Enduring Appeal of Shiplap

UH67 – All-weather cladding

Siding guards your home against harsh weather conditions and extreme temperatures. Siding protects the inside of your home from wind, rain and snow. Siding can also keep dirt and insects outside. Installing your siding correctly ensures the ultimate protection.

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The Shadowline

US31 – All-weather gap cladding

Widely used for exterior walls on individual residential homes, apartments and commercial buildings.


Thanks to its high-performance shell, UltraShield Cladding resists stains and mould unlike traditional uncapped composites. As there is no need for painting or oiling there are no additional overheads involved in the installation and upkeep.

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The traditional

US30 – Overlap siding

Compared to other materials like wood, metal and vinyl, composite siding doesn’t expand or rot when exposed to moisture. It also doesn’t expand or contract with various weather conditions. It’s a cost-effective solution that’s sustainable and eco-friendly.

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Elegant Home Siding That Lasts

Why settle for aluminium or vinyl siding that looks fade, when you can have the same ease of installation, plus low maintenance, and rugged durability that stands up to any weather conditions, and the natural look of natural wood?

Our home siding looks like natural wood, without the worries of real wood exposed to the elements.

NewTechWood cladding installs quickly using our exclusive clip system that creates a lasting seal between planks.

Our installation system enables your home to “breathe” as air circulates between siding and joists, keeping your home high, dry, and energy efficient.


Available colors

Only available in brushed finish