Wall Siding

With a selection of four different wall siding types that varies from common natural design to the ultra-modern or chic look, available in up to nine colors, we have the siding for your construction project.

Benefits of composite wood

Our engineered siding products are 100% recycled and protected by UltraShield Capping. This makes them extremely durable without any specific maintenance requirements. We are proud to bring to the Canadian market the best alternative to regular wood.

Safe inside houses and buildings

Our composite wood siding is safe for your health. Our products have been tested for volatile organic compounds (VOC) and formaldehyde, and do not produce harmful air particles according to those two international standard tests.

Engineered to last for years

All our siding panels and cladding boards are protected against moisture, mould, colour fading, and mildew. Tests on our products have shown an ability to even withstand the constant humidity of the salty British Columbia coastline, which means that your walls will keep looking good for a long, long time.

Helps fight global warming

Within every 10 sq2 of composite wood, there are 3,000 recycled plastic bags and over 1,000 one-gallon plastic jugs. This means that our boards and panels help keep at least 12 million pounds of extra plastic waste out of landfills every year.

Cladding boards and siding panels

Our siding panels may resemble our other products in terms of composition, for instance our decking boards. However, our panels are not just deck boards turned sideways — they feature a water seal specifically designed to prolong the longevity of a building. The strength, durability and beauty of the UltraShield siding is explained by its unique composition.

fluted panel thin strips newtechwood canada composite wood
Peruvian teak fluted wall siding

Norwegian Castellation Cladding

The first in Canada, this sleek, slim-strip fluted composite siding delivers timeless elegance with a cool, mid-century vibe. The thin strips of the Norwegian ultrachic profile are reminiscent of the “castellation” of parapets and indentations of elaborate fortifications. it's hard to believe that this supernatural look of genuine wood comes with a 25-year warranty.
Technical Specs
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SMPL Design-Ontario-Newtechwood fluted siding
fluted panel large strips newtechwood canada composite wood

Belgian Castellation Cladding

The large rectangular strips of the Belgian profile are well suited to achieve a sleek modern look. This type of cladding board will do great at adding a touch of modernity outside a construction. It delivers enviable contemporary flair that blends flawlessly into any urban or natural setting, and unmatched durability that makes it virtually maintenance-free.
Technical Specs
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composite wood shiplap siding newtechwood canada

Shiplap siding

Protect and beautify your home with the classic cottage chic and warm, enduring appeal of shiplap, without the maintenance wood requires. Expertly crafted to emulate timber, it harmonizes perfectly with natural materials like brick or stone.
Technical Specs
gap siding - newtechwoodcanada
gap cladding board composite wood newtechwood canada

Gap Siding

Gap siding has the power to completely transform homes and commercial buildings, first with the sheer beauty of its natural brushed wood finish, and then with its years of maintenance-free performance. It's the ultimate in high design, low maintenance.
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