Challenge – Redesigning the patio area

Even before purchasing the property, Sarah knew she would have to redo the backyard. The wood was crumbling, the paint was peeling, and most importantly, the real estate appraiser wrote in his report that the back deck needed a complete makeover.

We can assume that the backyard terrace had at least fifteen years of life left at the time of purchase. The building was built in the nineties. Normally, the wood on the deck would have been repainted or re-stained about seven times (we’re being easy-going). Sarah decided to tear down the existing structure and redesign the whole patio area with NewTechWood products.

In numbers

  • 1 wood deck
  • 15-20 years of life
  • 7 times of repainting or re-staining

Solution – Trust the durability of composite

Sarah was already sold on the idea of using composite wood before she discovered NewTechWood’s products. Her sister had adopted the material a few years earlier, after a series of frustrating episodes with a regular wood patio. So the influencer also opted for a solution that she says is reliable and easy to maintain.

The products are very close to the real wood: when you see them, when you touch them… It’s also very true to what’s represented on the website.

– Sarah Couture

Problem Solving

Problem Solving

Sarah had planned to install a BBQ area near her deck. Unfortunately, the heat pump’s concrete-covered pipes made it difficult to move the unit. In addition, Sarah and her family were bothered by the location and noise of a heat pump, installed next to a space where they could entertain guests and relax.


With a bench-style privacy wall, Sarah now has a beautiful private deck where she can welcome guests without being bothered by the hum of the heat pump.


Privacy wall, bench

Sarah showed the most creativity in this project with her idea for a lounge bench. She used NewTechWood’s composite wood planks and beams to hide a heat pump in a privacy wall. She had an outdoor bench built from a wall, which serves as a backrest, and now she enjoys a very wide seat.


Sarah chose to lower her terrace to the ground to enjoy a more private patio area. She used NewTechWood composite lumber to build a beautiful, large staircase with a few steps leading down to the terrace. The real woodgrain finish of the UltraShield Naturale boards also adds a touch of grip.

Flower boxes

Jessie used NewTechWood composite wood planks to design flower boxes. These frame the staircase. The colour of Peruvian Teak provides a nice warm contrast to the cooler grey stone.

The natural wood tones blend beautifully with the greenery.

Result? A beautiful layout capable of coping with Quebec’s winter

Result? A beautiful layout capable of coping with Quebec’s winter

A year later, Sarah remains satisfied. Her staircase is still as beautiful as ever: the colour is still vibrant and the boards have not been damaged by the frost over the winter. Most importantly, Sarah has not “wasted”, as she puts it, any weekends maintaining her landscaping. A gentle spray of water, “not even high pressure”, and it’s done.

Has NewTechWood been able to deliver? Yes.

  • It’s easy to maintain.
  • Renovations were handled quickly. It’s enabled a custom, tailored solution.
  • End results are resistant to Quebec’s winter.
  • Since a staircase with more than three steps must have a handrail, the designer added clear glass panels and a black steel banister. The mix of materials gives a very successful modern look, as well.
Our Ultrashield Technology

What are the next steps?


Sarah and her partner will be able to replace the stone with wood composite if they so desire. The current deck is on a concrete slab. This gives them the flat surface required to floor a surface with our UltraShield Naturale planks or Quickdeck interlocking tiles.

In the nearest future, Sarah plans to add lights and plants to her layout. Composite wood is very solid. It will allow Sarah and her designer to hang climbing plants or vegetation on the privacy wall. It will also allow for discreet lighting by running the wiring through the planks, even the ones on the staircase steps.

NewTechWood Canada, proud partner of Sarah Couture’s achievements. Thank you, Sarah, for choosing NewTechWood composite wood products.


How to Install?

Installing NewTechWood decking boards involves several steps to ensure a proper and durable installation. Find every step in our Installation Guide.

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Sarah Couture

Les trouvailles de Sarah

Sarah Couture, the influencer behind the blog Les Trouvailles de Sarah (2014), is an outspoken, positive and friendly business woman. You’ll love her flair for functional design and her ability to turn ideas into reality.