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Quickdeck composite tiles are an environmentally friendly, no-maintenance, and durable solution. Create your deck on a concrete balcony or create a stylish patio of your own.

NewTechWood Ultrashield Capped tiles have a quick clip-in system and are built on a drainage base. This way, you avoid water build-up during heavy rains and benefit from the material’s resistance to bending, warping, or cracking. This also means that there is little to no maintenance for your deck in the years to come.

In this article, we use the term “deck tile” loosely, encompassing terms like “composite tile” and “composite deck grating.”

Quickdeck tile colors

Quickdeck interlocking tiles come in three different sizes: 1′ x 1′, 1′ x 2′, 1′ x 3′. Several colours are also available including Brazilian Ipe, Charcoal, Peruvian Teak, Roman Antique and Westminster Grey.

How to install outdoor tiles?

QD Sahara Sand uS

The composite material on the surface of your Quickdeck tile is attached to a grid with fasteners. Square and rectangular tiles can therefore be “clipped” together on all four sides. You can simply put them together like pieces of a puzzle. The grid underneath the tiles is a drainage system, allowing water to flow naturally.

Install your tiles in three simple steps:

  • Prepare the surface to be paved so that it’s flat and solid.
  • Interlock your tiles together in your preferred pattern. Remember, tiles can interlock on all four sides.
  • Finish your construction by adding finishing strips.

Quick Installation Guide

This video shows you how to assemble your deck.

Here is a summary of the tips:

  • Align the tiles to fit together.
  • Start working from the outer edge of your deck inward to facilitate the installation of the finishing strips later.
  • Install your cut tiles near a wall or structural element.
  • For pieces that won’t fit, mark your cuts on the tiles and adjust the anchor points on the grid under your tiles so that you won’t cut through the screws.
  • Use real wood cutting tools: a regular carbide-tipped blade with a top saw, a bench saw, a circular saw or a jigsaw.
  • Sand the sides of your cut with sandpaper (180 grit or higher).
  • Add straight or bevelled finishing strips as needed: borders, outside or inside corners.

We do not recommend that you modify the finishing strips. Instead, we encourage you to choose the model that best suits your installation. Keep in mind that you can cut your tiles and strips to match the curvature of your patio as needed.

Install your tiles around your spa

Composite is a sturdy material that can support heavy climbing rose bushes, but we recommend avoiding very heavy weights like a hot tub. Instead, place your tiles around your spa, as you would a composite deck or terrace adjacent to a pool.

How to cover a wooden deck

Light Gray decktile

You can cover your existing deck with Quickdeck paving. Make sure you have a flat surface and a solid structure to install your composite solution.
Installation on wooden boards is also possible. However, we encourage you to choose a more stable base than this, such as concrete.

How to install composite wood tiles on a lawn

We strongly recommend that you install your tiles on a flat, “clean” surface with no rough or uneven spots. You will need to prime the area to be covered for a grass deck or dirt floor, similar to paving. Cover the ground with a 2″ thick layer of crushed gravel, then layer another 1″ of sand on top.

Can I use geotextile?

Yes, this solution is a good barrier against weeds. Lay the membrane over your sand and gravel drain.

What to do if your garden is sandy?

We recommend digging 3 feet deep and installing a weed barrier. Then add gravel and sand to create a compact, level surface.

Do you need to add decking blocks?

No, decking blocks are not necessary. The sand and gravel drain coupled with the interlocking system of our capped tiles should be sufficient. However, you can install your paving support on pedestals. Place pressure-treated plywood, for example, on your elevated surface and align the deck tiles with the deck boards.

How to build a composite deck on a concrete slab

A concrete slab is an ideal surface. If you’d like, you can expand your deck by having it continue onto your lawn (but make sure to follow the recommendations for installing composite decking on the ground). Carpeted concrete doesn’t provide adequate support. Even with their own weight, 2.5 lb. deck tiles can flatten outdoor carpet, so the carpeting can’t be considered a flat surface.

Can you build a terrace on your roof?

decktile rooftop

Yes, if the legislation and construction codes in your district allow it. To avoid perforating your roof, cover your rubber membrane with a protective polysheet made of TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) or EPDM (ethylene, propylene, diene, and monomer).

Think Quickdeck Tile to enhance your condo balcony

What better way to enhance your concrete balcony than by installing Quickdeck tiles! Since the majority of balconies in condo towers already come with a concrete structure, installing tiles becomes child’s play. This will be an aesthetic addition to your outdoor living space it will give a warm touch versus the cold looking concrete. Then it’s ultra-soft on the feet and above all easy to maintain, a sweep and you’re done!

Quickdeck balcony ideas
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Now you know how to install composite wood tiles, and you can assemble it yourself in a single day! Then enjoy your installation for years to come without worrying about fading or rotting. NewTechWood Ultrashield technology is not only a durable wood composite, but it’s resistant to the elements.
And to top it off, did you know that Quickdeck tiles are made entirely from recycled materials such as plastic bottles and reclaimed wood fibre? NewTechWood has been thinking green since 2004. Discover our green fiber today.

PSSST, our Quickdeck tiles are extremely popular during spring and often go out of stock when summer arrives. Pre-order your tiles, this is the best way to be sure you get your tiles on time to enjoy your outdoor space when the good weather arrives. Write to us or contact your nearest retailer.