Successful building contractors need to get the “job” done quickly, professionally, and to the highest quality standards. To ensure the best value for their customers, these construction professionals look for materials and building systems that save time while delivering the quality that customers expect.

Contractors choose NewTechWood for a lot of good reasons.

1. NewTechWood decking and siding are fast and simple to install, lowering the total cost of the project in an industry where time is, indeed, money. This enables contractors to deliver quality, good looks, and durability on all exterior builds where weather and wood composite meet.

2. Composite decking and siding exceed industry standards for strength and durability. NewTechWood with Ultrashield passes all ASTM standards. ASTM International, an international association defining quality standards for everything from concrete to wood composite, was founded in 1898 to provide uniform quality standards across building materials.

3. NewTechWood is stain resistant, scratch resistant, and fade resistant. Each wood-toned composite plank is waterproof, as well – something homeowners appreciate with the passing of each season. Contractors choose NewTechWood because their customers want easy maintenance, and a deck or siding crafted from composite is a key selling point on new builds, or when an existing home goes up for sale.

4. NewTechWood is strong with a live load rating to span 16 inches on center for joist spacing. When supports run diagonally, a 12 inch run is recommended. You get more deck, a stronger deck, and a longer-lasting deck when your contractor picks NewTechWood.

5. NewTechWood decking, floor tiles, siding, railings, stairways, pool enclosures – all can be installed using standard tools. You can cut it, drill and screw into it, you can even use a router to deliver a unique, customized finish.

6. Contractors also choose NewTechWood with Ultrashield because it stands up to mold, mildew and other allergens. Each piece of Ultrashield is infused with mold inhibitors so you and your family don’t worry about potentially dangerous molds that can harm the health of your loved ones.

7. NewTechWood delivers design options to suit a variety of tastes. What’s your customer’s style preference? Contemporary? Traditional? Exotic? NewTechWood comes in a variety of colors to fit any décor including: teak, walnut, weathered gray, oak, ipe, charcoal, and more.
Choose the look that catches your eye. Then, talk things over with your building contractor.

8. NewTechWood with Ultrashield comes with a 25-year transferable warranty for up to five years. Commercial installations are guaranteed for 10 years because composite, created from recycled plastics and wood fibers, stands up to heavy use, and cleans up with a brush and hose.
That’s what contractors and their customers want.

9. Siding made by NewTechWood is eco-friendly. Installation is simple using our proprietary system of clips that hold each plank securely in place, while providing just enough air flow to allow your home, restaurant, shop or office to breathe.

10. Building contractors know what their customers want. Convenience, easy and quick installation, low maintenance, and value that lasts for decades. These construction professionals turn to NewTechWood to deliver the results customers want – good looks, easy care, durability to stand up to sun and weather, and a warranty that delivers complete peace of mind.
The needs of construction professionals differ from the do-it-yourself weekend warrior, though both want that finished, professional look that draws compliments from visitors and neighbors.

If you plan to build your own deck, without the help of a professional contractor, NewTechWood keeps things simple. All you need is a screwdriver. Really, it’s that easy. However…
…if you’ve made the choice to hire a professional to construct your deck, or to add new siding to your home, choose the wood hues of NewTechWood and tell your contractor you want the best.